Daz 3D – dForce Street Overalls Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

Outfit consists of SO CropTop (921 verts, 846 polys, 1692 triangles) SO Overalls (7898 verts, 7696 polys, 15388 triangles) SO Shoes (7996 verts, 7526 polys, 14998 triangles) SO Wrist (505 verts, 446 polys, 892 triangles) SOAddOn (312 verts, 153 polys, 306 triangles)


Unity Asset Review – Old Rowboat (Gabro Media) – Free

Gabro Media’s Old Rowboat is often used as a goto free boat.

This free package contains an old wooden rowboat with paddles, and additionally, a tarp covered version so the boat can be used as a set dressing element in any exterior scene.

Materials in the package use PBR texture maps. Resolutions and layout:
– Boat 4096×4096
– Tarp cover and paddle share a 2048×2048 res texture set.

Vertex count info: Boat (1.964), Paddle (304), Tarp (and visible boat bottom, 997).


Unity Asset Review – Humpback Whale (Janpec) – Free

The Humpback Whale was purchased many years ago.

The Humpback whale model, animated with 5 animations. Model has 2200 triangles and textures in resolution of 2048×2048 pixels. Still available on the Unity Asset Store at